Friday, April 8, 2016

Paul is our media star!

Paul is an internationally renowned climber/author/personality. It is because of Paul we have the media particularly interested and is why famous cinematographers like to film him.

This doesn't help us with sponsorship of the ride. For instance we need to secure a support rental vehicle for 6 weeks for one. Maybe a small campervan or just a panelvan or 4WD... if you think you can help we love to hear from you

We are considering changing the name from Below Sea to Summit to perhaps Long Way to the Top as Sea to Summit is not able to offer us an acceptable level of sponsorship and we don't wish to plagiarise their name if they are not in anyway involved.

Please do not hesitate if you think you can help!

Paul Pritchard's scar after the terrible Totem Pole accident in Tasmania in 1998

Here is another great recent interview with Paul:

On April 4, 2016 British climber Paul Pritchard summited the Totem Pole, the amazing obelisk in Tasmania where he suffered a nigh fatal fall in 1998. As a result of that incident Pritchard was left partially paralysed and now, 18 years later, his ascent celebrates a conquest and circle that has now been closed. 


Daily Mail:

Man who was left disabled after a horrifying accident on a rock face where he cracked his skull open and lost half his blood returns 18 YEARS later to conquer the climb 


Paul's own blog:

In Eighteen years after the rock smashed into my skull, leaving me partially paralysed, and with expressive aphasia, I returned to the scene of the accident in Tasmania and climbed the Totem Pole, closing a chapter on my life.” 


DMM Climbing:

In Paul’s words: “Well, after 18 years I knocked the bastard off! I’m feeling sated and as if I have been run over by a truck after the effort of climbing it.” 


ABC news:

Paul Pritchard nearly died trying to climb the Totem Pole in 1998. Eighteen years later, he has returned and successfully conquered the slender sea stack on Tasmania's east coast. Mr Pritchard was one of Britain's leading climbers in the 1980s and '90s, travelling the world to scale new heights..” 


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Conquering your demons...

From Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife...

Three Capes Track and Cape Hauy day walkers were witness to a remarkable event a few days ago:  the return of Paul Pritchard to climb the Totem Pole.

Only 20 to 30 climbers attempt to climb this 60 metre high dolerite pillar each year.

In 1998, Paul was making his first climbing attempt accompanied by his girlfriend, when just a few minutes into the climb, a falling rock cracked his skull. With nobody else on the cape that day, Celia rope-hauled and secured him to a safe ledge (which took 3 hours), then climbed her way out (an extraordinary feat unaccompanied) and ran to Fortescue Bay to get help. By the time help arrived (another 5 hours later), Paul was barely conscious.

Paul lives to tell the tale but has been left with permanent leg and arm injuries.

On Monday, Paul returned to the Totem Pole to finish what he started 18 years ago. After 6 hours, with one working arm and one working leg, he succeeded.

Congratulations Paul!

Photo: Melinda Oogjes.

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