Monday, May 22, 2017

Fundraising for our documentary has started

September is not far away now. Fundraising for our documentary has started. What could go wrong!

Make sure you click on the link and watch the two-minute intro :) This Lowest to Highest adventure is going to be a blast! How is Walter going to ride a fat bike from the desert into the mountains with less than half a lung, Duncan who is blind will be powering Paul who can't walk on a tandem recumbent bicycle, Dan is a paraplegic on a hand powered bike, and Conrad has severe nerve damage and chronic pain.

Without even mentioning religion any publican in any hotel would probably see us and ask us: 'What, is this some kind of a joke?' We will be riding 2000+ kilometres .... what could possibly go wrong :)

 Lowest to Highest Pozible Campaign - Click here....


Challenging (dis)ability through Adventure

An expedition comprising of 5 people with significant disabilities riding human powered tricycles from Australia’s geographical lowest point...