Thursday, August 17, 2017


Our starting date is coming nigh!

As Daniel is getting his hand powered bike prepared for off road use in the Blue Mountains, Paul is training on his Greenspeed trike around Hobart and getting publicity with Duncan. Greenspeed is putting the final touches on the custom tandem trike in the Dandenongs, Victoria, and Walter is in Devonport kitting out and riding his Kona Fat bike from Hitbikes (located on the Sunshine Coast). Conrad is , believe it or not, sailing his boat from Timor to Bali so he can fly home to meet us in time!

Matthew and Catherine are planning the filming and World Expeditions is preparing the support vehicle. 

Next Monday 21st August Rummin Productions (who are filming us) are screening Defiant Lives at the State Cinema, Hobart, to celebrate our departure with a farewell for us after the film. Info here;

One thing we are all wondering, and everyone is asking these questions, how will we ride together! Will the tandem trike beat us all with big Paul at the helm and strong Duncan powering the rig? Will Walter's fat Kona forge ahead at all time it will Daniels hand trike beat us to the line? Conrad may be stiff competition for the lead if he can stay in one position long enough or if the nerve pain medication holds out. It's going to be an adventure! Will we get lost in the desert wearing our warm woolens and our Keens with nothing but a muesli bar and a bottle of Jans


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