Monday, August 7, 2017

Wheelchair Bike Campaign for Daniel

To all the Samaritans! Here is a chance to bring up your karma capital  

Daniel our paraplegic team mate requires a special hand powered wheelchair bicycle. Time is running short, please help Daniel! Donate here:

We need him on board to complete our disabilities! We have a paraplegic (Daniel), a hemiplegic (Paul), a blind person (Duncan), someone who can't bend (Conrad) and someone who can't breathe (Walter)... What can possibly go wrong!

"The World Expedition Lowest to Highest Australia adventure kicks off on the 1st of September 2017. Not far off to raise this amount of money but I am sure I have enough friends and people interested in helping me to achieve this amount. I will need this off road chair at least in the next month so I am able to get used to the systems with time prior to the leaving date of Sep 1" - Daniel


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  2. I am paralysed since five years, life is a tournament for me, and I am determined to win it successfully. I was looking for wheelchair accessories and I came to know about the right kind of evacuation chair that suits my needs, so I placed the order immediately.


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