Monday, September 4, 2017

Only a Flesh Wound

Don't worry Paul's mother, but he fell out of the troupie and had to go to Port Augusta hospital with suspected fractured ribs. This all before the beginning of the trip. An X-ray showed there was no break or fracture even though he was in great pain. So other went with some heavy duty painkillers. While on the way to the hospital Ed the driver forgot we had our trikes on the roof and went under the low hospital arch. We bent the tandem quite disastrously and thought the trip was over before it had even begun. But we luckily found a welder In Hawker who could fix it adequately.

Paul still has some healing to do and is zonked out on painkillers for hours at a time but WILL ride the day after tomorrow. The tandem has been tested and is all good to go. But what a nail biting start to a trip!
Photos soon... One photo of Paul recovering at camp, still sporting the hospital bracelet souvenir :)


  1. Glad Paul is going to be ok, glad the bike was fixable, how is the arch?

  2. Get well soon Paul! I wish speed recovery for you. Do not worry. Just be strong. These days will pass soon. You will be healthy as before.


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